We're proud to introduce, the philanthropic friend of Contently Inc. 

We're very proud to introduce The Contently Foundation, the philanthropic friend of Contently, Inc.

What exactly, you might be forgiven for asking, is a company that's barely 3 1/2 years old doing launching a non-profit wing? It's pretty simple actually. 

We started Contently with the mission of creating a better media world for everyone—readers, publishers, and advertisers. Using our software and talent we've made great strides towards our goal, eradicating content farms and providing well-paying work to freelance journalists and other creatives. But there's always been a piece missing—the capital J journalism which led us into this profession in the first place. 

It's tough to make public-interest journalism profitable, and since traditional media's business models have collapsed, it's become even tougher. Still, as the legacy players have shed jobs and cut reporting budgets, investigative reporting has flowered in other places. Some of them are non-profits like ProPublica, others are new-school publishers like Vox and Buzzfeed. But all of them share our belief that great journalism is vital to a functioning democracy.  

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And so here we are—using the profits from our software business to help fund stories in the public interest. And why shouldn't we? Plenty of companies devote corporate philanthropy dollars to causes that they hold dear, and Contently—founded by and for journalists—believes in a strong and flourishing fourth estate. This is us putting our money where our mouth is. 

Of course, there will be questions. Like, how can a site affiliated with a for-profit corporation be trusted to pursue stories that may not be in our best interests? That’s why we’ve set up The Contently Foundation as a separate corporate entity, with an independent board and a separate charter. We want to empower the journalists at The Contently Foundation to pursue the truth, regardless of how it might affect Contently, Inc’s bottom line. 

At the end of the day though, we will (and should) be judged on the quality of our reporting. 

We know we are not the only ones who believe in the transformative power of stories. So if you’re a journalist with a story you want to pursue, or a brand who believes in what we’re doing, or a news outlet that wants to combine forces, we hope you’ll join us.