Straight Shooting

The latest mass shooting again opens up the dialogue surrounding America's gun problem, which journalists have been highlighting for years.


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October 17, 2017—5 minute read

Trump a part of the presidential name game.

October 13, 2017—5 minute read

From the Guardian's coverage of the CIA's interrogation to data on how online dating is effecting relationships, these are our recommended reads for the weekend.

October 13, 2017―5 minute read

We delve into some similarly named NFL players.



Angels of Death

A look at the pipeline that brings illegal guns to inner cities.


April 20, 2017—30 minute read

How mother-and-daughter activists took on a drilling company to protect their town’s drinking water — and set the stage for a game-changing showdown on corporate versus community rights.

March 10, 2016—20 minute read

How terror recruiters target one man faced with a choice: kill civilians or gamble with his life in profiteer smuggling.

October 4, 2017—5 minute read

Donald Trump uses the press like no one has before, and he mastered that craft even before stepping into the political arena.



35 minute read

The $1 billion business of illicit massage parlors keeps growing — but are the mostly Asian workers victims, or searching for the American dream?


25 minute read

Despite the celebrated coming out of Caitlyn Jenner, transgender women face a harsh reality of violent assaults — and continuing mistreatment at the hands of police.

30 minute read

There are thousands of cameras following you, anyone can watch, and it’s all legal


Judging the judges

An investigation into judicial misconduct reveals disturbing questions about just how fair our court system is—and that authorities are doing little to address the problem.