How an Arkansas preacher's online Bible school fielded the worst college team in America

The Wildcat trainers responded, examining Carr’s injury, helping him up, sliding his foot into a sling and outfitting him with crutches. The next day Carr took himself to the emergency room at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, where doctors determined his ankle was broken and required surgery. Carr later returned to the hospital, and surgeons inserted a plate and pins to repair the damage. His family’s health insurance covered the bill. His college provided nothing.

But in the wake of the lopsided lossto a team that had not won in 12 previous games, going back more than a year and a halfand a host of injuries during the blowout, questions percolated about the College of Faith, its players and just what kind of football program the school was running.

Story by Marcus Baram; Photos by Blair Ball

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On a warm August afternoon in 2014, about 20 minutes from Charlotte, North Carolina, the worst team in college football was taking a pounding. The College of Faith Saints didn’t stand a chance against the Davidson College Wildcats, who were cruising to a 56-0 victory in front of their home crowd when Saints nose tackle Gerald Carr crumpled to the turf.

“I was trying to go for a tackle,” recalled Carr, who at 6’7” and 330 pounds has at least the size to compete at the upper collegiate level. “And all of a sudden someone got their foot under my foot and then someone else fell on top of me.”

Carr’s ankle screamed in pain, but his team could not help as it didn’t have a trainer or anyone on hand with even remedial medical skills. There was only one optionto summon the Davidson staff.