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Reporting 101


How to Pitch an Investigative Story

February 6, 2017—10 minute read

There are established pitch protocols and without them, your blockbuster piece might never find an audience.

                                           Citizen Journalism

January 19, 2017—15 minute read

With fake news and misinformation at an all-time high, here’s how you can step up — and hold our leaders accountable

How to Find Sources

December 15, 2014—15 minute read

Sometimes, the simple act of finding a person, whether a war criminal, a witness, a spy, an executive, or a hero, is the most important job of a journalist. The question is: How?


How I Got the Story


Insane. Invisible. In Danger

January 30, 2017—15 minute read

Journalist Leonora LaPeter Anton talks about how she and her team reported their award-winning article.

Breathless and Burdened

February 13, 2017—15 minute read

Journalist Chris Hamby talks about his reporting process for his 2014 Pulitzer Prize-winning series


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