About the Foundation

The New York-based Contently Foundation was founded in 2014 with two goals: empower those new to enterprise reporting, especially contributors far from the nation’s big media centers, where support is hard to come by and important public service stories often go untold; and produce high-quality, long-form investigative stories to be co-published with digital news partners and other media.

Our mission is grounded in providing journalists with the tools and support they need to advance their skills and develop stories with impact. We accomplish this through a distinctive combination of mentoring and financial support, coupled with exposure to digital technology to enhance the work of our contributors. We've succeeded in bringing their pieces to a wide audiences through emerging new media publishers. 

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Board of Directors

Pete Hamil

  • Hamill has written for dozens of newspapers and magazines, including the New Yorker, Esquire, Playboy and Rolling Stone.
  • He served as editor of both the New York Daily News and New York Post.
  • Among his 20 published books of fiction and non-fiction is his take on the state of reporting, News is a Verb: Journalism at the End of the Twentieth Century.
  • In 2014, he was honored with the George Polk Career Award for his distinguished lifetime of work.

Brendan Keefe

  • Keefe is an investigative reporter for the NBC News affiliate in Atlanta.
  • He received the George Foster Peabody Award, broadcast journalism’s highest honor, in October 2016.
  • His work has garnered 66 regional Emmys, three national Edward R. Murrow awards, the Gannett Foundation’s Al Neuharth Award for Investigative Reporting and the American Legion’s Fourth Estate Award.

Sam Slaughter

  • Slaughter has served as managing editor, chief operating officer and vice president of content at Contently since its launch in 2011.
  • He is an expert in digital journalism and the technological landscape, and helps educate young reporters on these topics.
  • He writes about technology for the New York Times.
  • His reporting has appeared in Digiday, Adweek and the Philadelphia Weekly.

Shane Snow

  • Snow is author of the best-selling SmartCuts: How Hackers, Innovators, and Icons Accelerate.
  • He is co-founder of the Contently company.
  • His reporting has appeared in the New Yorker, Wired, Fast Company and Advertising Age.
  • Business Insider named him one of the “100 Coolest People in Tech” in 2012.


Edit Staff

Brad Hamilton, Editor-in-Chief (brad@contently.org)

  • Hamilton is an award-winning investigative reporter and editor with 30 years of journalism experience. His work has appeared in many publications, including the New York Times, Playboy, the Village Voice and Harper’s magazine.
  • He created and led the New York Post’s first desk for investigative reporting and published numerous exclusives during his 25-year association with the paper. He is the winner of three New York Press Club awards.
  • He taught introductory and investigative reporting at New York University and created a journalism program for students through the Brooklyn YMCA.

Scott Simone, Assistant Editor (scott@contently.org)

  • Simone was formerly the associate editor at Westchester Magazine.
  • His investigative reporting has appeared in the New York Post and the Guardian, among others.


Contributing Journalists

Dan Patterson, Sara Stewart, Danielle Shapiro, Marcus Baram, Peter Green, Stefanie Cohen, John Mazor, Tamarra Kemsley, Chris Francescani


Volunteer Researchers

Philip Garrity, Kristen Poli, Erin Nelson, Ines Tamaddon, Maria Vinokurov


Ethics & Disclosure

In order to provide transparency for the public we acknowledge the following: The Contently Foundation and Contently, Inc. are separate entities operating in support of their respective missions. The Contently Foundation grew out of Contently, Inc, but is not directly involved in the proceedings of Contently, Inc. Both The Contently Foundation and Contently, Inc. share executive personnel who invest their efforts into The Contently Foundation.